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Revoyr & Associates
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Private health care advisory service sales for PrestigeCare Private Health Advisory, LLC.
Seasoned sales professional with b2b or b2c experience working with professional service providers and/or high net worth clients. Must be a savvy networker and employ the kind of sales practices that results in long-term relationships. Sales process is more relational than transaction in manner therefore your background and personality should fit this archetype.
PrestigeCare Private Health Advisory Services for individuals, families and corporations bring priority personalized health and wellness advisory consultations to coordinate emergency, acute and ongoing medical treatments for our most valuable asset, our Members. With 24/7 coverage, members always have a resource to coordinate medical services.
Services include:
Worldwide Access - Recommend National and International specialists for elective and urgent procedures at state of the art facilities with pioneering physicians. Coordinating the best in care for members condition is the standard, whether in the U.S. or abroad.
Advisory Services - One phone call connects member to a PrestigeCare Private Health Advisor who is ready to help at a moments notice.
Healthcare Navigation - Unlike a primary treating physician with hospital, medical group or corporate affiliation, PrestigeCares recommendation process links members with the best options and top specialist.
Medical Transport - With PrestigeCare and our affiliate partner network, member will enjoy the comfort of a single phone call to begin the transport process to the best provider for your condition, from anywhere in the world.
Travel Coordination - Travel coordination is also available for less critical members needing special assistance.
Second Opinion For when members or loved ones wish to explore other possible treatment options. PrestigeCare coordinates an appointment for a second opinion with an independent specialist for your medical condition.
Electronic Medical Records Access - With PrestigeCares, My Medical Records, members medical information is stored on HIPAA compliant software and available for distribution to any facility around the world.
Travel Appointment Assistance - For those who travel frequently or someone making their first trip with a medical condition, coordinating medical services while away from home can be difficult. PrestigeCare Membership provides the logistics to give you the peace of mind you deserve.
Pharmaceutical Assistance - Traveling and left the prescriptions in the medicine cabinet? Private Health Advisor contacts primary treating physician, alerting them of the situation, and assisting in the process to allow the medicines availability at a convenient pharmacy.
Customized Preventative Care Solutions - Scientific and genetic research have changed the landscape of medicine, creating more treatment alternatives than ever before. To optimize treatment potential, PrestigeCare Members are connected with leading pioneers and innovators in the field of medical research for treatment options to expedite the journey on the path to better health.
Insurance Mandated Providers - New restrictions, mandates and health insurance regulations may limit your medical provider options. With PrestigeCare, members are assisted with selecting a medical provider which may be better suited for your specific health and wellness outcomes.
Multiple Medical Providers PrestigeCare coordinate medical appointments and information sharing.
Corporate Services - A valued employee who is suffering from a medical condition at home or abroad can be a growing concern. Services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist.
International Travel Medical Insurance Coverage - Most are unaware your current medical insurance can be useless in many countries. Even over the counter medications are prohibited in some locations. Through our affiliate partner, GeoBlue members have access to a dedicated individual to review insurance plan options to best suit travel requirements.
In Home Care & Medical Appointment Accompaniment - Through our affiliate network partner, PriorityCareSolutions, PrestigeCare coordinates services for In Home Healthcare and Medical Appointment Accompaniment.
Fitness, Wellness and Holistic Medicine Information - PrestigeCare facilitates introductions to the top Fitness, Wellness and Holistic Medical experts for the betterment of members life long goals.
Were interested in sales people with the following backgrounds: Pharmaceutical sales, medical device/equipment sales, select health insurance sales, experience working with or selling to high net worth individuals, experience working with or selling to accountants, transactional attorneys, entertainers, talent agents and frequent international travelers.
Daily job tasks will include prospecting, cold calling, networking, building a referral leads source, emailing brochures, conducting sales calls one-on-one and in groups, answering questions, reviewing agreements, and managing the sign up process.
PrestigeCare was founded by a primary care physician with family medicine and emergency care background who is the medical director of two skilled nursing facilities and with soon to be published book concerning medical insurance complexities and recent regulatory changes.
Working practitioners such as transaction attorneys and accountants are encouraged to apply if you believe you can effectively and accurately represent out services on a part-time basis. Full time sales people are encouraged to utilize the resources of such professionals as well including concierge related services, sports/talent/entertainment agents and financial advisers.
Please review myprestigecare dot com before applying. Qualified applicant will be contacted by email or phone. No phone calls please.

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