Mobile Application Developer

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Mobile Application Developer
Date Created: 04-28-14 (03:50 PM)
Location: Everett, WA
Openings: 1
Our client is looking for an experienced mobile developer who can deliver high-performance, intuitive UI design and implementation. This client is looking for a talented software engineer to assist in designing and creating the next generation of internal and external mobile applications to provision, manage, and deliver services to their subscribers.
Minimum Qualifications
To be considered for this position, you must minimally meet the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed below:
3+ years experience in native Android development experience
3+ years UI design and development experience using AngularJS, Javascript, HTML, CSS/LESS, other client-side libraries and technologies
Experience with Hybrid Mobile Application Development
Strong communication both verbal and written, excellent organizational skills, proven experience in collaboration with teams to achieve end result
Ability to work in fast-paced Agile/Iterative environment to deliver requirements on specified dates
Work very well independently with strong self-direction and initiative as well as within a team
A strong desire to produce software that meets or exceeds expectations, and is delivered on time
Desired Qualifications
Cordova/Phonegap development experience
Major Job Duties and Responsibilities
Pick up and run with existing UI designs and improve or expand upon them.
Develop views and designs for new functionality, with the possibility of creating entire enterprise systems from scratch.
Find creative ways to bridge the client-server gap using unobtrusive techniques, client-side scripts, AJAX, and other available tools.
Absorb as much telecom knowledge as possible to put yourself in the place of the user, and work with the user community to develop intuitive, data-driven interfaces.
Produce technical documentation and charts using modeling tools.
Identify problems uncovered by testing or user feedback and correct them.
Complete tasks on time to facilitate continuous multi-developer progress on fast-paced projects.
Bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent experience

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